Fresh Cider from Locally Grown Apples at Apple Bar Sidreria

lun, Juin 25, 2018

Have some time to kill near the station? Not sure where to grab a bite to eat? At Sidreria, you’ll find ciders galore! They’re located just across the street from Matsumoto Station and right next to the ALPICO Plaza building. The staff are very friendly and will help you select your beverage if you aren’t sure what to have. The menu is mostly in Japanese, but the manager hopes to improve his English in order to better assist customers.

In an area known for its apples, you’ll find plenty of local brands, but also numerous international varieties. You’ll find both dry and sweet, as well as fruity ciders. They even have non-alcoholic selections.  Enjoy your drink amidst the vibrant red, apple themed decor.

They also offer roast chicken, which you can see rotating in the window. Stop by during happy hour (15:00-19:00) for a real deal! A roasted chicken leg with your choice of beer, cider, or wine for ¥500!


Enjoy a nice cold glass of apple infused water.

There are also plenty of other food and drink items to choose from including pizzas, such as a tasty thin-crust apple and gorgonzola pizza; chicken curry; wines; and cocktails. They are open for lunch and dinner every day except for Tuesdays when they are only open for dinner, and their regular holiday is Monday. You can find them on Facebook (Japanese).