New Shaved Ice Shop on Nawate Street

lun, Juil 23, 2018
New Shaved Ice Shop on Nawate Street

Just in time for the sweltering heat wave! A new kakigori (shaved-ice) restaurant is now open on Nawate Street. Stop by for a cool snack that you can eat in front of the shop or as you stroll along the street or river.

Their flavors include peach, mango, matcha green tea, and strawberry with prices starting at ¥300. They are typically open 10:00-17:00, but have irregular holidays.

Japanese shaved ice has large thin flakes of ice that are soft and light.


Other places that offer shaved ice include this taiyaki shop on Nawate Street right next to Yohashira Shrine
and the patisserie Miyukido, just off of Nakamachi Street.

If shaved ice isn’t your thing, you can find ice cream and boba tea just a little ways down the street.

There are also other benches and tables to sit at along the street. You can even reach your hands into the cool water of this spring in front of Yohashira Shrine.

Stay cool out there and be careful of heat stroke!