Great Selections at an Inconspicuous Coffee Bean Shop

mer, Août 29, 2018
Great Selections at an Inconspicuous Coffee Bean Shop

While Japan might be renowned for it’s green tea, coffee is also a popular beverage here, and you can find small local coffee roasters even in Matsumoto. I recently paid a visit to Beans and Coffee Laura, an inconspicuous shop on a quiet road just down the street from Nakamachi Street.

The beans come from a number of different countries but are freshly roasted and can be ground right in the shop. The shop is run by a couple, and while there was no English explanations, the woman was very knowledgeable about the tastes and traits of each bean type. She was also able to recommend which varieties would be ideal for iced coffee or lattes. Their selection varies in bitterness and acidity, and I was able to find a bold flavored coffee with a mild acidity and a touch of sweetness. They have 100 g and 200 g bags, but you can order your desired amount, such as 150 g. They don’t serve coffee in the shop unfortunately, so you’ll have to get it to go, but you’ll definitely leave with everything you need for a quality cup of coffee. The bags are vacuum sealed and packaged with a sticker with the shops cute logo, so they also make for a nice memento of Matsumoto.

They are open 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., but are closed Thursdays and Fridays. You can walk there from Matsumoto Station in 8 minutes. Location