Tadachiya was opened way back in 1848, selling specialty cosmetics such as rouge, powder, lotion, wax, ornamental hairpins and Japanese style accessories. With 170 years of history, Tadachiya is now the oldest cosmetics shop in all of Japan.

Taking pride in women’s beauty products, the shop strives to sell only the goods that customers actually want and provide beauty counseling and advice as needed. Tadachiya also has a few of its own original products as well, such as their “Kyo-no-mizu” facial oil blotting paper.

Besides beauty products, the shop offers beauty services as well. You can get facials, manicures, get your make-up done, or even get make-up lessons.

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3-3-4 Ote
Business Hours
10:00-18:30 on Sun & holidays
Open Last Wed of Month
15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta. (3 min walk from Matsumoto Castle)
  • Recommend

    Kyo-no-mizu – Tadachiya's original facial oil blotting paper

    High quality blotting paper that removes oil and sweat from your face. It is made with traditional Japanese paper which incorporates flecks of pure and natural gold leaf.
Jun 16, 2020