Located 2-minute walk from Matsumoto Castle, this restaurant, with its lattice gate and traditionally styled awnings, makes the perfect image of a castle town.

The interior is decorated with unique folk crafted furniture in Matsumoto’s famous Mingeikagu style (under the guidance of Sanshiro Ikeda). People from both in and outside of the prefecture know Shizuka as the restaurant by the castle with all the folk crafted furniture.

A Taste Reminiscent of the Past

The menu at Shizuka is known for using local ingredients to give diners an understanding of seasonal tastes.

The store was opened in 1945 and since then has served oden, yakitori, mountain vegetables, and other various local cuisine, including basashi (raw horse), iwana (a kind of river fish) and carp.

The daily special is highly recommended as it is always made with fresh local ingredients.

Exploring the Shizuka’s Past and Present

Shizuka moved to its current location in 1962. In 1975, it expanded to accommodate more seating, buying out what was originally a rice warehouse next door. If you walk down the hallway connecting the two, there are a few unexpected rooms, excellent for small parties.

A vertical beam runs down the center of the main room, housing a regal fireplace and grand hearth. Around the restaurant are various unembellished paintings and other interesting decorations giving the place a somewhat antique feel.

4-10-8 Ote
Business Hours
L/O 21:30
Lunch 12:00–14:00
Sun Holiday
Parking Lot
2 min walk from Matsumoto Castle
15–20 min from Matsumoto Sta
Mar 31, 2018