Shimaya Okinawan Restaurant

Shimaya Okinawan Restaurant

The people of Okinawa are famous for having the longest life span of any people in the world. There are many interesting things on the menu to choose from none of which I had ever heard of or seen before. I tied a kind of seaweed salad with these tasty bubbles. It was very interesting and pretty good. They also have Okinawa beer and spirits. It is located between the station and the castle.

To get there, take the street that runs along the south side of Matsumoto Castle two blocks east. At the intersection you will see a sports store on the southwest corner. Go south (left) past the sports store. At the next block go west (right). Shimaya is in the middle of the next block on the north side of the street. It has a dark traditionally Japanese sliding door and an interesting style. [Liza]

2-9-26 Ote
Business Hours
L/O 24:00
10 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
7 min walk from Kita-Matsumoto Sta
Apr 4, 2018