Sharon's Kimono World - Authentic Kimono Dressing & Rental

Sharon's Kimono World - Authentic Kimono Dressing & Rental

Sharon’s Kimono World can help you dress up in a kimono to take amazing photos around Matsumoto City! Sharon is a certified, professionally trained kimono dresser who prides herself in providing a truly authentic kimono dressing experience by using high quality and seasonally appropriate kimonos according to Japanese traditions. You’ll also have plenty of styles and colors to choose from!

You can go to Sharon’s home (with free car service) for the dressing or request to do it in your hotel room. Dressing takes about 10-20 minutes. Services such as a photo shoot, photos, and transportation service to popular places around Matsumoto are also included!

For those interested in learning or improving their kimono dressing skills, Sharon’s Kimono World also offers private and group lessons with a reservation. Kimono dressing service can be done for special occasions and events, as well.

Kimono and yukata (summer kimono) for women, men, and children are available. Sharon can speak English, Japanese, and Filipino.

Sharon’s home (pick-up service provided) or at your hotel room in Matsumoto
Aug 8, 2018