Court and Historical Village (Rekishinosato)

  • the Law as Delivered in Older Times

Erected in the Meiji Period (1868-1912) as the Matsumoto Branch Court of Nagano District Court. This is the only wooden court building remaining in Japan. Exhibits include:

  • Information and displays of trials in three different periods: the period before the Meiji Restoration of 1867, the period under the Meiji Constitution from 1889 to 1947, and the period that followed.
  • Equipment used by Police etc. That includes many of the famed Ninja Stars for you Martial arts fanatics.

In the outdoor exhibit area behind the courthouse, you can see:

  • The house where advocator of democratic rights, Naoe Kinoshita (1869-1937), was born
  • A prison block of an older era.
  • An old hut in which poor Silk factory girls once lived and Silk factory equipment.

The Museum is located beside the Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) Museum, so see them both at once.

Recommendation: If you find this museum interesting and are travelling in the region, you Must visit the Takayama Jinya (District Administrative Office)! It is a really well preserved large and original site with buildings and warehouses dating back hundreds of years along with that equipment necessary to extract the correct answers from uncooperative felons.

2196-1 Shimadachi
Business Hours
Entrance closes at 16:30.
Mon. (open if a national holiday, and closed on the following day)
Dec 29 - Jan 3
Free for elementary and junior high school students
15 min walk from Oniwa Sta on the Matsumoto Railway Kamikochi Line
From the Alps (west) Exit, take the Matsumoto-Shimauchi line bus for Komiyadanchi (number 53-2, no service on Sundays and Holidays). Get off at the Ukiyoe Hakubutsukan/Rekishinosato bus stop.
Apr 16, 2024