Murayama Doll Shop

Murayama Doll Shop
The Murayama doll shop was established about 60 years ago on Takasago Street in Matsumoto, after Hinamatsuri sales merchants from Tokyo had sold Hinaningyō in Matsumoto. This custom had the last owner start the Murayama doll shop. In the 1960’s approximately 20 doll shops made the streets vibrant with life. You can see the old stone mortar’s water sound where people enjoy peace of mind at the shop. 

Refined Dolls from Matsumoto

Tanabata dolls

Murayama doll shop displays a set of ornamental dolls, Hinaningyō, from December to March. From April to June they’re displaying dolls and ornaments for Tango no Sekku, Children’s Day on May 5. After that, Tanabata dolls and Bon lanterns are displayed. They’re trying to provide customers with new and good quality products. 

Kimekomi Doll (a wooden doll made from cloth with the edges tucked into grooves in the wood)
By Kenichi Suzuki (Intangible Cultural Properties of Saitama Prefecture)

Kensuke Murayama, the current owner, is the third in the doll shop’s history. He was interested in the doll’s beauty and perfect figure through his father’s work, and decided to take over the family business. He also designed the original dolls with silk thread made in Okaya, and silken gut made in Ariake. The owner goes all out to buy dolls made by doll artists in Japan. You can see very rare dolls at the shop. 

In Japan, March 3 is girls’ day and May 5 is boys day. Both festivals are held with each doll to hope for children’s health and growth. They have each traditional doll and are also preparing the Tanabata doll for a Japanese star festival on July 7. (In Matsumoto, the Japanese star festival is held a month late on August 7.)

2-5-32 Chuo
Business Hours
Irregular holidays
8-min walk from Matsumoto Sta.
Oct 21, 2022