Alps Park

Alps Park

This park is spread across a hill in the northwestern area of Matsumoto, north of Joyama Park. Here you can get one of the best views of the Japan Alps and the valley below.


Alps Park is home to a nature museum that also has an observation platform, a small zoo and petting zoo, a big roller slide known as the Dream Coaster. There is also an extensive playground and climbing area for the kids and many spots where you can enjoy the park’s nature.

The park is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot, but it is less crowded than some of the other places, not to mention there are trails for exploring and areas for picnicking under the blossoms. Cherry trees in Alps Park bloom a little later than those in downtown areas such as the castle.

2455-11 Arigasaki
Parking Lot
60 min-walk (4 km) from Matsumoto Sta
Alps Koen Line bus to the Alps Koen (アルプス公園) Bus Stop (13 min. Only 2 buses per day)
25 min drive from Matsumoto Interchange
Oct 13, 2023