Azumino’s Daio Wasabi Farm

Daio Wasabi Farm (大王ワサビ農場) is Japan’s largest wasabi farm, covering 15 hectares. The 120,000 tons of water that flow from the farm’s natural springs per day enables them to grow 150 tons of wasabi annually. It is located in Hotaka, Azumino, 32 kilometers north of central Matsumoto. The farm was established in 1915 and is now a popular tourist spot thanks to its beautiful watermills and the magnificent view of the Alps. Its restaurants offer not only soba noodles with freshly picked wasabi, but also wasabi-flavored ice cream and many other wasabi-themed products.

About Wasabi and how to eat it

Wasabi is an indigenous plant to Japan and is mainly cultivated in cool plateau regions where there is plentiful natural spring water. The temperature of the water at Daio Wasabi Farm stays at 13℃ all year round. Wasabi root is often grated and used as a spice. It provides an excellent accent to mild Japanese cuisine. Wasabi flowers, leaves, and stems are eaten in various ways such as tempura, boiled with soy sauce and sugar, cooked with rice, etc. Visit the farm to get a taste of real wasabi!

See the Diao Wasabi Farm page on Azumino’s official tourism website for more details.