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Tenjin Festival

Jul 24, 2018 (Tue) to Jul 25, 2018 (Wed)

The Tenjin Festival is held in honor of the Tenjin deity.Eighteen enormous floats (a kind of traditional portable shrine called dashi or butai) from the different districts of downtown Matsumoto are pulled by hand through the streets, finally gathering at Fukashi Shrine. The Tenjin Festival in Matsumoto has been celebrated since the 1600s, so it has over 300 hundred years of history! The floats themselves are mostly over 100 years old as well. Here you can enjoy Japanese street food, see festival-goers in yukata and happi outfits, and get a close look at the amazingly detailed ornaments and carvings on the butai.

  • Fukashi Shrine

    Fukashi Shrine

    15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
    Take the Town Sneaker, Shin-Asama Line, Nakayama Line, Namiyanagi Danchi Line, or the Kita-Shinai Line bus to the Shimin Geijutsukan (Performing Arts Centre) bus stop.
    15 min drive from Matsumoto Interchange
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