Fear ye not – quake update (local)

Disaster-related Updates
Thu, Mar 17, 2011

We are wondering how we can best relay information to you that we are coming across, and the situation here in Matsumoto.

Basically, nothing has changed at all since the last post. Streets are a bit quieter – I wish they’d turn off street lights etc – the extremely brave operators in the Fukushima plant need every ounce of juice they can get.

It is minus four here tonight. Last night we had light snow here. It was bitterly cold, even with a heater on. How they are managing in shelters with fuel and food in very low or no supply we cannot imagine. We are putting up with our own quakes here from time to time. In my previous 20 years here, I can remember feeling two; one was the 1995 Hanshin (Kobe) event. This week? Lost count.

The natives here are being staggeringly calm. I whinge about the place and the way things are or aren’t done sometimes (my wife says ‘too much’…). If anything, people are being even more polite. Would this happen at home?

Everyone is concerned about radiation, of course. Some sensational claims are being bandied about; everyone has an opinion. Personally, I am watching the British Chamber of Commerce Japan on Facebook, and listening to what the scientific experts are calmly explaining on BBC. Quite a lot of people are more than fed up with CNN etc. I’m afraid I do not have an opinion about Japanese media because I do not understand enough Nihongo.

See for yourself what levels are in Nagano. Matsumoto is lower, and further west. Let Google auto-translate the page for you.

Your messages are helping us all keep a positive attitude here. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

And “Don’t Panic”. We are all still here. Waiting for refugees to get here.