Mt. Kobo Tomb

Mt. Kobo Tomb
Blossom Status
Blossoms Falling
Last Updated:Apr 13
Best Time to See
Mar 31 - Apr 15

Mt. Kobo is a great place to have a picnic (hanami) while the cherry blossoms bloom. There are about nine kinds of cherry trees and 4,000 individual trees on the hill. The entire hill turns pink when the trees are in full bloom, which is an impressive sight.

You may want to go at night and see the many Japanese lanterns lit up, hanging between the trees. You can take drinks and snacks and sit under the blossoms. Then take a walk to the top and look at the stars and a view of Matsumoto by night.

  • Mt. Kobo Tomb

    Mt. Kobo Tomb

    45-min walk (or 25-30 min bike ride) from Matsumoto Sta (3.5 km)
    Take the Namiyanagidanchi Line bus to the Koboyama Iriguchi stop (15 min)
    15 min drive from Matsumoto Sta
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