This exclusive Cantonese-style restaurant is located in a high class hotel called Buena Vista. The food is served in a graceful atmosphere. All cooks are Japanese, but they took over the style of the Chinese cook who used to work there. I recommend the eight-course dim sum lunch which includes Chinese snacks, fried leek buns, Chimaki (steamed sticky rice with roasted pork inside), and more. For drinks, you can choose among a variety of teas. The Suigyoku tea has a beautiful color and and an orchid aroma that will relax you. The desserts were Chinese-style peach-shaped buns stuffed with sweet beans and Chinese-style milk jelly.

1-2-1 Honjo, Hotel Buena Vista 1F
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Часы работы
11:30 дп
2:30 пп
5:30 пп
9:30 пп
L/O 21:00
5 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
26 Окт 2018