Opened in 1899, Sanroku has been in business for 120 years selling kimono, Japanese fabrics, traditional Japanese dyed fabrics, and after the shop was rebuilt in 1998, even western-style wear.

The shop has a huge selection and you can also order from wholesale stores in Kyoto. The furisode, formal Kimono with long sleeves for single women, are gorgeous and the obi, or decorative sash that is tied around the waist with a kimono, are equally beautiful.

The traditional, indigo-dyed fabrics are also remarkable—they are dyed through a process that uses fermentation, making use of the hot temperatures in summer instead of artificial heating. You will find cushions and other items made with this fabric in the shop.

You can also, of course, buy authentic kimono! Sanroku provides all the advice you need on kimono and how to take care of them. They will even help you put it on if you purchase one.

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