時代遅れの洋食屋 おきな堂
  • ばんからカレー&ハーフ&ハーフ
  • Omurice (omelette stuffed with ketchupy rice)
  • Napolitan pasta
  • Hayashi rice

A classic Japanese «western-style» diner that has been open since 1933. It is family owned and is now with its third generation owner. Okinado still serves many of their original dishes and compared to other western-style restaurants, Okinado’s menu items tend to have a more upscale ambience about them. For example, they cook with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the hayashi rice sauce is apparently cooked down for an entire week!

The «omurice» or omelette stuffed with ketchup-chicken rice, is one of their most popular dishes and very tasty. For something really filling, go with the hamburger steaks, fried pork cutlets, or combo platter that let you try a little bit of everything. The desserts are also quite popular.

Like the menu, the interior of the restaurant remains much like it did during Okinado’s early days: old-fashioned decor, manager in suit vest and bow-tie, and vintage diner seats.

Обслуживание купонов Хасиго

После заполнения анкеты и предоставления купона Вы получите:
A free cup of "Forest Coffee" or homemade
pudding with meal orders
Подробнее о купонах Хасиго

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2-4-10 Chuo
Домашняя страничка
Часы работы
L/O 20:30
Выходные дни
2rd and 4th Wed
10 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
Near the Kurassic-kan bus stop of the Town Sneaker Bus (East route)
21 Июл 2020