An Italian restaurant in an old Japanese house in «Fuchian Village» guest house. The restaurant’s name comes from Japanese, meaning «earthen floor.» The can offer guests separate rooms. As for food, they only have a set courses. The minimum lunch price is around 1100 yen, which is very reasonable. As for dinner, the minimum price is a bit more pricey, starting around 3100 yen, but they serve various kinds of small appetizers such as raw fish with dressing or mashed pumpkin with prawns on top. The pasta is delicious and the dessert is very unique (a small cup of ice cream, a chocolate cake, and milk jelly were placed in sake cups).

6-11-1 Kotobuki Kita
Часы работы
11:30 дп
3:00 пп
6:00 пп
10:00 пп
Выходные дни
20 min walk from Hirata Sta
26 Окт 2018