Купоны Хасиго

Выгодные предложения по купонам Хасиго

Как использовать купоны Хасиго

  1. Receive Купоны Хасиго at the followings shops and facilities.
  2. Use the ticket you receive at a different participating location.
  3. Just fill out a questionnaire to receive a ticket and exchange your ticket for a special service or item.
  4. Enjoy a unique experience in Matsumoto by shop hopping!

Как получить/потратить
купоны Хасико

The Matsumoto 100% (Shop-hopping Ticket) Project aims to connect you with Matsumoto City through a local cooperative of stores, restaurants, sightseeing locations, and cultural attractions. These businesses and organizations have joined with the team that created “Visit Matsumoto" website to bring local information directly to your fingertips. Through the M100 project, we want to make Matsumoto a place you will enjoy visiting again and again.