Yayoi Kusama’s All About My Love

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Вс, Мар 11, 2018
Yayoi Kusama's All About My Love

At the Matsumoto City Museum of Art, I had the opportunity to surround myself with vibrant colors, emotive designs, and landscapes that seemed to go on without end. The museum is featuring a three-floor solo exhibition of works by the famed avant-garde artist and Matsumoto native Yayoi Kusama.

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While her pumpkin pieces are particular favorites of mine, a number of other works including those incorporating mirrors and blacklights as well as collages were captivating also. Some of Kusama’s earliest pieces are included in the exhibits, and a short highlight real shows parts of her time in New York. While the museum is always displaying some of her work, this exhibition gives you a more complete picture of who Yayoi Kusama is as an artist.

Greeted by the giant tulips that bloom outside of the entrance year-round, you’ll also find a giant yellow 3D pumpkin in the museum’s courtyard just for this exhibition.
A giant eye watches you as you descend the staircase.

Take advantage of the photo opp just to the left of the stairs where you’ll find a cut-out of Kusama. You’ll also find a wide range of polka-dot themed souvenirs as well as towels, playing cards, and dishware designed with her other unique illustrations.

Ticket and Other Information

The exhibition will run until July 22, 2018 (Sun), and you do not need to specify a date when purchasing tickets. The official English website, which includes ticket information, can be found here.

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