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Yayoi Kusama’s Solo Exhibition: ALL ABOUT MY LOVE

Kunstmuseum der Stadt Matsumoto
〒390-0811 長野県松本市中央4丁目2−22 松本市美術館
Sa, Mrz 3, 2018 Sa to So, Jul 22, 2018 So
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bis 19:00 am Samstag
* Eintritt bis 30 Min. vor der Museumschlusszeit



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Coinciding with Matsumoto City’s 110th Anniversary and the 15th Anniversary of the Matsumoto City Museum of Art, this exhibit features 180 works by Yayoi Kusama—the largest collection of her art to this date! The exhibit also takes you through Kusama’s life through her art, beginning with pieces from her childhood and her early years as an artist, to several of her famous works and art from her most recent project, „My Eternal Soul.“ Through out the exhibit you can read facts about her life and journey as an artist.

In the outdoor courtyard, you will find an example of Kusasam’s most characteristic sculptures, a gigantic yellow pumpkin painted with an intriguing pattern of black dots. Another part of the exhibit, All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins, puts you inside a mirrored room where the same yellow pumpkins seem to repeat themselves into eternity while another installation walks you through a house covered with countless glowing polka dots.

In the second exhibition room, you can marvel at 70 vibrant paintings that are part of her latest series, „My Eternal Soul.“ Kusama began in the project 2009 and number of paintings now numbers to over 550 pieces. She continues to add to the series to this day.

The museum’s gift shop has also been completely converted into a Yayoi Kusama souvenir shop where you can pick up a fun memento from the exhibit.

  • Kunstmuseum der Stadt Matsumoto

    Kunstmuseum der Stadt Matsumoto

    Chūō 4-2-22
    Ab Bahnhof Matsumoto ca. 15 min Fußweg

    An der Haltestelle „Matsumoto-bijutsukan“ der Buslinie „Town Sneaker“ aussteigen. Die Haltestelle befindet sich direkt vor dem Kunstmuseum.

    Ab dem AS Matsumoto ca. 20 min Fahrt
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